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About us

Our company attaches great importance to pregnant mothers as well as after the birth. We know that carrying a child is a difficult task and also after the delivery there can be inconveniences with the body.

This is why we created Belly Act to help all mothers carrying a child and also to support them after the birth. Most of our team members are mothers, so we understand your situation.

The important thing for us with Belly Act is to bring you comfort and well-being. We also want you to be able to get back to your old body and be at peace with yourself.

We would also like to accompany you during your child's learning and development. This is why we offer learning games that have been tested and approved for your child's education.

You want the best for your children and we understand that too.

We would like you to provide us with suggestions for products that could help you either during pregnancy or after delivery. You can share your suggestions with us at our email address which is contact.bellyact@gmail.com.