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About Us

We are aware that tooth whitening is often more expensive, more painful and not very effective. We would like to change this by defining 3 major steps.

  • Whiten your teeth in a natural way, while reducing the risk of sensitivity to zero.
  • Provide access to dental care to the most underprivileged people by donating a portion of our profits.
  • Be accessible to all while maintaining an optimal level of quality.

Because the whole world is a source of beauty, we have selected the best natural extracts to make your smile radiate.

Coconut activated carbon, present in most of our products for its whitening virtues, is grown responsibly on small Indonesian farms.

We also use extracts of aloe vera to strengthen your gums, grapefruit oil to protect enamel and peppermint for ever fresher breath.

Our products are guaranteed free of animal cruelty, vegan certified and our ingredients come from organic farming.

Results from some of our clients