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  • Tonus™ Dryer Brush
  • Tonus™ Dryer Brush
  • Tonus™ Dryer Brush
  • Tonus™ Dryer Brush
  • Tonus™ Dryer Brush
  • Tonus™ Dryer Brush
  • Tonus™ Dryer Brush

Tonus™ Dryer Brush

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    Get a salon-quality blow-dry at home, with gorgeous volume and brilliant shine in mere minutes with the Tonus Dryer Brush.

    Why use this hairbrush instead of another one?

    • Finely Tuned for Precision Heating & Drying With Less Hair Damage: With 1100 watts of pure styling power, our one step hair dryer, volumizer and hair straightening brush provides just the right heat without damaging the hair. Unlike conventional hair dryers, this blow dryer brush can be placed closer to the scalp for greater lift and volume.

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    • Engineer With Ceramic Coating & Ionic Technology for Healthy, Shiny Results: Our one step hair brush dryer is built with a genuine ION generator that helps break down water molecules quickly, allowing for faster drying, and shiny, healthy-looking hair. The ceramic coating on the styling wand provides even heat distribution that radiates deep into the hair, working from the inside out for more thorough drying, and protection from over styling.
    • European Design for the Ultimate in Styling and Control: Designed with European inspired nylon pin & tufted bristles, the Hair Sensation Pro one step hair dryer and styler puts you in total control for easy detangling, instant volumizing, and effortless styling.

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    • 3-Way Adjustable Heat Settings: With three adjustable heat levels, you can customize the temperature to achieve endless looks and styles. Ideal for all hair types, the temperature control on our curling brush allows you to lock in your hairstyle quickly and efficiently
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    • Mutli-Purpose: Whether you use it as a blow dryer, hair styler, volumizer, or straightener, the Hair Sensation Pro blow dry brush will be one of your new favorite hair styling tools to create effortless, frizz free, salon styles from the comfort of your own home. Our newest additions gives an extra luxury to your daily styling routine.

    All the benefits of the Tonus Dryer Brush

    • Be able to prepare for work more quickly.
    • Dry brush and straighten your hair in one step.
    • Have supple and shiny hair.
    • Does not damage your hair.
    • Eliminates statistical electricity and frizz instantly.
    • Gives a natural volume.
    • Effective on all hair types.

    Before and after results

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    Other important features

    Overheating Protection

    3 heating and temperature settings for different hair types. And it also with auto shut off protection function, When working temperature above 160 ℃, the temperature controller will break automatically. When above 172 ℃, the temperature fuse will blow out automatically to protect the hair dryer brush.

    Unique Nylon Massage Pin

    Our blow dryer brush is designed with Nylon Pin & Tufted Bristles, while the massaging ball tips are gentle to the scalp , which helps you get rid of extra frizz from your hair and fix damage, reduce the damage of the hair, easily smoothens and softens tangled, frizzy, without static electricity.

    Negative Ion Technology

    1000W power provides the right heat for drying and styling. Unique air flow vent ensures a better air & heat coverage, Negative ions saturate the airflow and bring a full protection for your hair. This helps condition, smooth and make hair more shinier, while reducing hair frizz and static.



    Coating material: ceramics
    Size: 13.2 x 3.0 inches
    Power cord length: 2m, 360 degree rotation
    Net weight: 1.3lb
    Power/voltage: rated power 1000W, voltage 110V in the United States, 220V in Europe, Britain and Australia.
    Three-temperature heating: low, medium and high (off).
    Tuyere temperature: 120 degrees
    Including packages: 1 X hair dryer 1 x manual
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    Tonus™ Dryer Brush